10 amazing women, 10 wonderful man, 330 eaten dumplings, a touch of basic knowledge about Poland and an ounce of international atmosphere – this is a perfect recipe for Polish International Week that worked last year as well!

IWW 2014

Last year we were also organizing this great International Week event in Warsaw. There were 20 participants from Sweden, Spain, Israel, Switzerland, China, Japan and many other countries. It was a pleasure to host these people in Poland and enjoy this unforgettable experience together. Participants had a chance to go to Cracow – one of the most known Polish cities and to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau – the museum of Nazi concentration camp in Oswiecim. Apart from that we were also showing them our Polish cuisine, culture and traditions, we also did our best to show them the beauty of our capital city-Warsaw by organizing team building activities and treasure hunting in the Old Town. Of course we focused on the state of Polish economy as well, so we organized a business case study with one of our partners and business couching lecture. We all were getting along very well, so when time to say goodbye came, we were all sad, but concurrently we were looking optimistic into the future hoping that we will meet some when again.