There would be no week, without…


Mateusz Kalisz


Mateusz is very positive always smiling and helpful person. Addicted to dancing anytime, anywhere, in anyway.


Ania Walczyk


She loves to travel and cook, which sometimes doesn’t end up well, but she’s practicing courageously. Loves meeting new people and learning languages, especially French. Anna’s biggest love is her puppy Tosia


Kinga Jastrzębska


Great lover of chocolate and cats. She’s crazy about travelling.

Kevin Brandhorst


Kevin „The Bodyguard” is a very open and friendly person. He is interested in sport, international culture and travels. He will keep you safe.

Arlena Grabowska


Arlena’s an open, outgoing, and always cheerful person.  She is a sport freek (basketball, snowboard etc.) and travel addict. Her special skills are languages and sleeping anywhere at any time   🙂

Karol Sienkiewicz


A man of action, cheerful and helpful, especially when hears the word „profit”. Always in hurry, looking either for challenges or money.

Karolina Lasota


 Kala is a very positive person who loves laughing, singing and dancing. She’s crazy about travelling, partying and food. She’s always hungry! In free time she watches football matches and hangs out with her friends.

Dominik Tyszkowski


Interested in music and sport, especially football and running. He loves partying a lot and meeting new people.

Maks Marzygliński


A really energetic and positive person, who hardly stops talking, especially when new people appear. Usually he cannot be restrained from playing basketball, singing rap music and fooling around.

Weronika Zalewska


 Weronika is a complete freak about healthy lifestyle, baking and travelling. She’s an open person, willingly helping everybody and always full of energy, especially during parties. Thai cuisine lover.

Bartek Macierewicz


Deeply in love with motorcycles. The passion gives him loads of positive energy and willingness to act. He is also fascinated in languages, preaching the theory: „The limits of my language are the limits of my world.”

Ewelina Lachowicz


She was born on the 1st of January so she has to be a party and outgoing person. She strongly believes that everything happens for a reason. Ewela is in the relationship with tabata and burpee and don’t be suprised if she tells you that she’s on a diet (as always).


Kasia Trzeciak

Kasia Trzeciak

Kasia is an open-minded, positive person, who loves travelling and getting to know new cultures. She is a popculture freak and a good dancer. You can recognise her from her constant, big smile.

Sylwia Kaczmarek

Sylwia Kaczmarek

Sylwia – S for smiling, Y for young, L for likable, W for warmhearted, I for intelligent (and international) and A for AMAZING. That’s her.

Ania Młynarska

Anna Młynarska

In love with IWs and travelling. Enjoys dancing, baking and reading books with cup of coffee. Proud owner of the evil bunny.